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Singlechannel DeltaP

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It denotes a high accuracy & robust machinery, comprising a digital PLC control system with a fully automated measurement process in order to eliminate any operator influence. Especially because of this feature machine operators only require basic instructions. The system incorporates a custom software suite for processing of the collected data, providing a coherent overview, as well as detailed reporting with exact allocation of every single tube measured. The DPV3-10 multichannel DeltaP is especially designed for highly efficient data collection at large scale tubular reactors. For this purpose, multiple machines are operated alongside each another but fully independant on the same tube sheet. Alternatively when performing works on multiple reactors it is possible to shift machines between places freely at any point of time. And to further boost your efficiency, SPM DPV3-10 machines incorporate direct machine-to-machine communication (M2M) to enable for ultra fast & safe setting of parameters simultaneously for multiple machines. The system incorporates a powerful dust blow mode, integrated as free programmable & fully automated process with option for multiple shots. DPV3-10 follows a modular approach. It is compact, lightweight, offering superior flexibility for any type of measurement application.

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