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August 28th, 2023
As international representative to Blackbox Technologies Int’l, LLC, SPM is happy to announce to now having reached certificiation to ….

June 14th, 2023
We are glad to announce our partnership with Blackbox Technologies Int’l, LLC, based in Houston, TX, USA. 
Blackbox, prior until mid of ….

Nov. 28th, 2022
We are pleased to announce that we have successfully obtained ISO 9001 certification!
This award is a milestone for us and stands for our …

June 2022
Successful commissioning of our tubular reactor test field.
The test stand enables us to optimize and accelerate our internal development …

Jan. 7th, 2022
Foundation of SPM – Schütte Precision Machines GmbH. Specializing in Industrial Catalyst Handling and Quality Assurance for Tubular Reactors. At …

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