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Singlechannel DeltaP

From years of experience we are now introducing the all new generation of single channel DeltaP measurement systems.  These devices combine reliabe & high precision backpressure measurements with the unique flexibility to execute measurements at tubular reactors as well as at reformer reactors most accurately & efficiently.

The base machine can be combined with all types of inflatable plugs available from SPM    from 18mm / 3/4″ up to 200mm / 8“ and larger, either directly or with extension piping.  In the same time the system is most compact with a packing size as small as 60x50x30 cm / 23,6x20x11,8“

Furthermore, besides the requirement for air supply, the system is fully autonomous because of battery powered measurement devices.  Individual machine configurations are available – to accomodate best fitting to your specific requirements.

  • Model START
    High Precision full digital manometer for exact reading of values
  • Model PRO
    Featuring a High Precision Data logging device with csv-file format
  • Model PLC
    Touch panel PLC control system with Data Logging & tube allocation
  • Model PLC-SE
    In addition to the model PLC featuring a fully automated measurement process, identical to the multichannel DeltaP system


  • Models PLC & PLC-SE fully integrate into the DeltaP evaluation software, as provided alongside the multichannel DeltaP system
  • Models PLC & PLC-SE will be available for delivery from June 2022 onwards



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