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Simplified & safe tubular inspection – this endoscope is an ideal tool for a service technician executing inspections of tubes & piping.

Besides typical inspection cameras this system incorporates a full electronic meter counter and a keyboard! It is therefore possible to directly note commentaries & findings into still pictures & video sequences „on the fly“.

Further salient system features are:

With the system consists of a compact carrying frame holding the cable reel & electronics protection case. It features a rechargeable battery for full mobile operation.

  • compact camera head of only 23mm dia; incl. 12x adjustable LED lights
  • sturdy push cable of 20m length (optional 40m)
  • rechargeable battery (approx. 6 hours run time), car charger & A/C adapter included
  • local monitor with sun shade
  • SD card for storage of still images & video sequences
  • full electronic meter counter
  • Keyboard for comment input
  • Camera & push cable fully submersible, protection case IP66 rating
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