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Air Lancing denotes vacuuming, assisted by means of high pressure air fed through a small hose for stirring up particles into the vacuum suction flow.

Introducing MAXLANCETM – the all new, safe & fast air lancing tool for efficient & clean unloading of tubular reactors!

DOUBLE YOUR SPEED – every operator now unloads two catalyst tubes at the same time.  For this purpose two vacuuming elbows are mounted to a rack frame with grip handle.  Alignment of the elbows is adjustable to accomodate for individual tube spacings.

PRIME SAFTEY – the flow of high pressure air into a pair of air lancing hoses is controlled via foot pedal.  This acts as a ‘dead-man´s-switch‘ – stepping off directly cuts of the air flow.  No uncontrolled whipping hoses!

ADDED SAFETY  – by colour coding. MAXLANCETM air lancing hoses are available in individual colours for safe allocation of tubes.

SUPERIOR SERVICE LIFE – MAXLANCETM battles abrasion of vacuum elbows with it´s unique design, employing a special displacer body with an ablative wear plate, thus removing kinetic energy from the particles.  Simply replacing the wear plate tremendously increases the system service life, avoiding permanent damage to the elbow segments!

MAXLANCETM design has been filed for patent application – publication pending.

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