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MAXDENSETM -RF denotes a manually operated loading system for reformer type reactors, incorporating optimised design features.

The system utilises the long-term proven method for charging of these types of reactors with catalysts, employing a special segmented rope unit featuring radial & flexible spikes placed in fixed distance to each other. This rope unit is lowered into the empty reformer tube prior to charging.
During the loading process the rope unit is retracted upwards, parallel to the rising fill level. Meanwhile the spikes serve for safely retarding the fall speed of the catalyst particles by depleting kinetic energy.

At first this method prohibits unwanted distruction of the catalyst substrate bodies.
By avoiding possible breakage, this leads at second to an even loading and to a uniform distribution of DeltaP flow resistance over all reformer tubes of such an installation.

The MAXDENSETM -RF system is especially optimised with regard to three major aspects:

  • Operational safety
  • Simplified application
  • Most versatile utilisation
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