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Introducing MAXDENSETM as loading technologies provided by SPM and specifically MAXDENSETM -ISL as insert loading method for tubular reactors  –  e.g. for applications of ethylene oxide, acrylic acid, aromatics etc.
Why should you choose MAXDENSETM -ISL tubular loading inserts from SPM:

  • Precise calculation & design At a glance such loading inserts look simple.  But in order to achieve unified density and filling height for each single reactor tube, thorough attention has to be paid to the detailed execution!
  • Validation of execution In our technical center, we are able to reproduce the loading process for your specific application precisely and to optimize & validate the design of the MAXDENSETM -ISL inserts safely prior to series production and according to your specifications.
  • Precise & controlled manufacturing We establish a series batch production which follows a controlled manufacturing processes and applicable quality assurance measures  –  to insure that flawless products are leaving our works in the designated time frame.
  • Robust & long lasting design The greatest stress occurrs on such inserts when these are removed after the loading operation, the weakest point being the joint between flange & tube section. We at SPM are fully aware of this.  Therefore our design does not simply rely on a standard glue joint, but instead on a positive locking / form closure between the flange & tube section. Only this solution provides you with a speedy process & ultimate safety against unwanted flange separation & unnecessary fiddling of insert tube remains stuck inside a reactor tube.
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