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MAX-GASMONTM the reliable solution for continous monitoring, displaying & documentation of critical work site atmospheres!

  • especially suited for safeguarding operations under special work site surveillance, e.g. explosion risk zones, confined space or works executed under inert gas atmosphere
  • for application at the oil and gas / chemical industry; the agricultural, commercial and military/national security sector

MAX-GASMONTM denotes a full digital & modular setup, which can be executed tailormade to your specific requirements. It combines sophisticated & rugged industry standard, ex-proof sensors (e.g. Dräger PIR/Polytron, Honeywell Sensepoint etc.) with a powerful & compact PLC control system. The salient features are:

  • uninterrupted monitoring of critical areas from a safe surveillance point
  • six channel system & all sensors conforming to ATEX standards
  • colour touch panel featuring bar graphs and individual trend displays
  • visual & audible alarms, individual theshold setting
  • continous recording of measured values on SD card possible
  • USV power supply available as option
  • available as compact mobile system or as tailor-made execution e.g. for solution tob e mounted into vehicles, trailers etc.
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