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Side view from a black commander breathing helmet with one of two side connection to the LSS.

Blackbox Technologies International, LLC

Blackbox Technologies Int’l, LLC, is the leading manufacturer of rugged industrial life support systems and specialty anti-panic respirators for use in hazardous and/or inert atmospheres.

As an official international representative to Blackbox, we offer to you a wide range of services and products. Our partnership includes:

  • Counseling, engineering and sale of new equipment
  • Comprehensive after-sales customer support
  • Spare parts services: we provide you with OEM blackbox spare parts to ensure the longevity and performance of your breathing devices & LSS systems.
  • Maintenance and repair services at our in-house workshop and of course at your site
  • Implementation of (annual) inspection, calibration and recertification programs
  • Operator training: Proper use of equipment is critical to its safe & effective use. Our training courses support your operating personnel in using the life support systems optimally.


Bespoke solutions

In addition, we also specialize in engineering & manufacturing of custom made Life Support command centers, mobile or mounted into trailers, containers etc.  We support you in ensuring that a solution exactly meets your requirements and work processes.  An outstanding example is the fully digital life support command center, comprising an electronic PLC controlsystem with multiple touch panels for user input as a core backbone. The breathing apparatus is certified acc. to NIOSH regulations and provides a reliable & continous respiratory function monitoring, as well as tracking, if designated.

As a further important & uniques safety feature, the command center can be equipped with an independent, digital operating helmet test device. Upon connection & allocation of the breathing helmet, this device executes a fully automatic test of all breathing & air flow functions, providing the user a direct go/no-go feedback within seconds.

We are looking forward to offer to you the most innovative, proven & reliable solutions, meeting all your requirements.  With our partnership with Blackbox, you can rely on high-quality products and first-class services.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and services.  We look forward meeting you.

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