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    Company announcement
    March 11th, 2024

    Update Max-Gasmon™

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    Update & Upgrades available for the MAX-GASMONworksite & reactor gas monitoring systems:


    • enabling a continuous safe system operation, also under power-loss conditions
    • available in different sizes, offering bridging times from 3 hours up to 24 hours and higher
    • also available for retro-fitting; mobile & stationary installations


    • combine any two or more sensors into one reel & protection cage, e.g. the picture below showing an O2 sensor combined with temperature measurement & 150m cable reel
      combining sensors means less cables required to be laid out,
    • increased safety on the work site
    • faster rigging up & down


    • continuous recording of the status data of all sensors attached to the system
    • high resolution, recording cycle can be set between one second down to 150 milliseconds
    • recorded data is processable with all common spreadsheet programs
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